Cartoonist for Hire – Why you should use cartoons for your website

As we all know, the internet is highly media-based. Images say a lot more than paragraphs of words can, and content needs to cater to the instant-gratification needs of readers, otherwise they are off the page in less than 5 seconds. Getting in touch with a quality cartoonist for hire could  make or break your ability to hang onto readers and get them coming back to your site.

Why should you hire a cartoonist?

There are a lot of reasons why you might want a cartoon for your website. For example:

  • Cartoons encourage reader engagement
  • Cartoons enhance content to make it more visually appealing
  • Cartoons can draw attention to your subject matter and make it stand out
  • Cartoons make very clear and concise points about relevant issues
  • Cartoons keep your readers coming back for more. Everyone wants to see the next cartoon because humor sells!
cartoonist for hire cartoon example
Example of what a cartoonist for hire can produce for your website… This funny cartoon would be a great addition to any article about web content management.

Furthermore, one of the most important aspects of cartoons, and what makes them such a valuable tool, is that they inspire trust.¬†Yes, you may not think of this immediately when considering cartoons, but things are only funny when they are trustworthy. Think of the success of people like HBO’s John Oliver. The reason he is able to hold such a large audience and maintain their trust is that things are only really funny if they’re true. Therefore, when you have a really compelling cartoon to accompany your content. It greatly enhances the veracity of that content, because the humor builds that sense of trust among readers.

How to hire a cartoonist

When you visit a cartoonist’s website, you will usually need to request a custom quote for your particular project. Different levels of complexity and difficulty for the artist make absolute pricing difficult, so make sure you give the details of your project. Be sure to include:

  • Your project deadline
  • The style you are looking for
  • If you need any copyrights
  • If you need illustration and writing, or only the artwork

Also, make sure you are as detailed as possible when you give your project details. It is important for the cartoonist to be able to conform his work to your wishes as accurately as possible.

How much do cartooning services cost?

In this regard, it is important to note that you get what you pay for. With any creative or skilled process, you do NOT want to simply go with the cheapest option. Most professional cartoonists will be in a similar range, but for the majority of cartooning projects, you are going to be talking about at least $200. If you want writing and coloring, or other more premium and time-consuming features, you’ll probably be running closer to $500.

Even with the seemingly high price points, remember that cartoons are a very powerful way to enhance your content. More likes, shares, tweets, and mentions drive traffic, readers, and customers to your content. Moreover, it keeps your existing reader base and client base coming back to check on what’s new. This is absolutely invaluable.

What cartoonists should you work with?

The cartoonist for hire we have worked with and highly recommend is the creator of the above cartoon, Loren Fishman. You can check out his website at

Have you had experience working with a cartoonist? Let us know in the comments below…


One thought on “Cartoonist for Hire – Why you should use cartoons for your website

  1. This is a great post. I think cartoons are kind of a lost art. It’s nice to see them get some mention and defense in a world that is so rapidly losing its attention span. Thanks for the advice!

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